I don’t take it seriously. I deal with people in the same way that I’ve always dealt with them. You know, the only thing that bothers me is rudeness. Rudeness is something that always makes me angry. I just think it’s rude to be on a Tube and stick your phone up to take a photo as though I’m an animal in the zoo. And I think it’s ruder when you try to do it on the sly, because, you know, I would always say ‘yes’! So it’s that thing where it becomes a little bit dehumanising. For the most part, people are lovely. Genuinely. But, rudeness is rudeness, whether it’s an actor being rude to a member of the public, or a member of the public being rude to the actor. It happens both ways. So I’ve had to sort of learn, recently, to make my point. Sometime you’ve got to say, ‘look, please stop’.
Andrew Scott about being recognized in public. (X)